Global Fund for Cities Development

Initiated by METROPOLIS and United Cities Local Governments (UCLG), FMDV (Global Fund for Cities Development) is the international alliance of local and regional governments mandated for :

  • Designing operational strategies and solutions, organizing the appropriate conditions to finance urban territories and implementing a sustainable and integrated local economic development;
  • Organizing the convergence of stakeholders and creating a shared culture of financing and subnational economic development, as well as appropriation of this culture by all actors for the purposes of cooperation and innovation;
  • Contributing to the political and institutional debate on localizing finance and economic development, in order to promote solutions for implementing international commitments on a local scale.

Working closely with central, and Local, metropolitan and regional governments (LMRGs), supranational institutions, and their public and private partners, FMDV operates at different scales of action:

  • International : through its participation at international events, contributing to coalitions, platforms and networks that are conducive to dialogue, cooperation and innovation;
  • Regional : in partnership with regional economic union through supporting the creation of financing mechanisms for local governments, encouraging financial decentralization and providing support facilities for the preparation of climate projects ;
  • National : supporting to Ministries to develop programs on local finance, decentralization of national financing, innovation and training or supporting institutions for the financing of local governments to diversify their resources and services;
  • Local : through the development of Subnational Pooled Financing Mechanisms, Smart solutions for the mobilization of local resources, a match making service between project holders and private investors, communities of practice, financial engineering, or the development of social and solidarity development strategies.

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