Fondazione Edmund Mach

The Edmund Mach Foundation gets the prestigious knowledge heritage of Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige, founded in 1874. It is a prestigious institution which over the years has achieved many important goals at international level delivering a range of education, training and technology transfer programs in the fields of agriculture, food processing and sustainable development.

This small agricultural centre is located in the town of San Michele all’Adige, just 16 km to the north of Trento. It consists of about 70 hectares of land and a 14-hectare campus hosting school facilities  greenhouses, laboratories and offices. 

In the last few years, extensive research has taken place in fields ranging from the healthiness of agricultural and food products to genetic research into the vine and apple, environmental protection and climate, the problems involved in fruit and vine cultivation, oenology and aspects related to animal husbandry, fish farming, forestry and other areas.

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