Amigo is the first Italian SME working on climate services. The mission of Amigo is to unleash the hidden value of data to support a climate-resilient society. The services offered by Amigo include climate analysis using different datasets, risk assessment (in particular related to extreme events), design and calculation of climate indices, and the related software development for data visualization. Although active in different sectors, our ambition is to make a difference for agriculture. This sector is particularly exposed to climate and is crucial for the food security in our society.

Since its foundation in 2013, Amigo has been heavily active in consultancy for international organisations, gaining, among other tenders, two 3+1 year Long Term Agreements with the UN World Food Programme in 2015. Amigo was also one of 6 teams winning the 1st European Data Incubator in 2019. The company is currently involved in four H2020 projects on climate services for the insurance market, the rural development, agriculture and infrastructure in Africa, and the aviation sector. All this was possible thanks to a highly motivated, multi-disciplinary team of experts with expertise ranging from climate science to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, from strategic design to business development.

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