Climate Leadership Coalition

Forerunner companies are leading other companies and organisations with their example to move towards operations that lead to carbon-neutrality and sustainable use of natural resources, both in Finland and abroad. They have succeeded in creating competitive solutions to global environmental challenges.

The members of the Coalition are systematically developing their operations / actions, thereby encouraging other organisations, communities and decision-makers to join. The Coalition is also collecting best practices and sharing information. Each year, the Coalition selects a few significant common projects to develop and promote.

The purpose of the Coalition is to affect the Finnish businesses’ and research organisations’ competitiveness and ability to respond to the threats posed by climate change and the scarcity of natural resources, as well as to improve their ability to utilise the business opportunities related to these. The Coalition is promoting international best practices and their implementation in Finland. The basic idea of the Coalition is that profitable, sustainable business is the most efficient way to respond to global environmental challenges.

In order to implement its purpose the Coalition is:

  • aggregating organisations and private persons who promote the objectives of the Coalition
  • gathering and sharing information to its members on global environment-related trends and comparing best practices implemented in other countries
  • initiating development projects that support the purpose of the Coalition
  • making proposals for ministries and public organisations on developing the innovation system and research programmes
  • organising seminars and events to raise awareness and to find new business opportunities
  • operating as a co-operation body between its members and representing its members in international co-operation organisations
  • identifying Finnish know-how to use as a model for efficient mitigation of climate change and communicating this on international fora
  • using other similar means to implement its purpose.

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