Our Partners

The Power of Partnership

EIT Climate-KIC has more than 270 global partners spanning universities, businesses, cities and NGOs, giving us an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and expertise. Climate-KIC catalyses and supports innovation for climate action, but it is our partners who make that innovation happen.

We invest in our growing community to accelerate transition and create the critical mass needed to scale up the supply of and demand for solutions tackling climate change.

How do our partners benefit?
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Members of our community can:

  • Get inspired by engaging bright minds on their challenges 

  • Get seed funding and structural support for research and innovation projects
  • Enhance visibility for their climate change and sustainability work

  • Get help translating ideas into climate-positive businesses

  • Be part of an effective and influential network of people working to address climate change in their field or sector 

Our core partners also help shape our strategic direction through their involvement in business development and representation within our governance structure, while our affiliate partners participate through developing and taking part in our educational, innovation and entrepreneurial offers.

See our affiliate partners on the national and regional centre pages.

Join us

Join our pan-European knowledge and innovation community of leaders from business, academia, the public and non-profit sectors. Find out how you can collaborate with us in designing and developing innovation, or delivering local innovation schemes supported by EIT funding.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact your local EIT Climate-KIC innovation hub.

See our Partners list

Our Start-up Community

Our start-ups deliver the solutions of tomorrow

To solve the biggest challenge facing modern society, we need the power of the largest community. 

We combine the power of the start-up community with the demands of today’s world. Our programmes have supported more than 2,000 start-ups, making the EIT Climate-KIC start-up community one of the largest worldwide. Each of its members is here to help solve our generation’s greatest challenge – and every year we are joined by another 200-300 start-ups. 

Our start-up community is globally recognised and comprises leaders in their fields. In the last three years, almost 20 Climate-KIC backed entrepreneurs have been honoured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list. 

EIT Climate-KIC connects start-ups with others across our community including students, cities, businesses, academics and researchers.

If you have a solution to a climate challenge, join our community today.

See our Startup PROGRAMMES

EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association

We have empowered a unique network of skilled professionals to take action on climate change

The EIT Climate-KIC Alumni Association is a unique network that binds highly skilled professionals from across Europe with a single focus: creating a climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy.

The association comprises over 2,000 bold change-makers, entrepreneurs and young professionals seeking to transform society and find solutions to climate change. Its members are spread right across Europe as well as the Americas, Asia and Africa, and the community continues to grow.

Our alumni are widely recognised and have been celebrated by awards such as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Change Award

The Alumni Association is open to all graduates of EIT Climate-KIC’s education programmes, as well as start-up companies that have taken part in our Accelerator programme. If that sounds like you, connect with us today.

Visit the ALUMNI website

Our People

An exciting, challenging and meaningful career

EIT Climate-KIC is a dynamic, pan-European organisation addressing one of the most important and pressing problems of our time. With our cutting-edge innovation expertise and an exceptional network of world-class partner institutions, we are uniquely placed to provide global leadership in the fight against climate change.

A focus on people

Climate-KIC comprises a rich diversity of countries, cultures, perspectives, knowledge and expertise. Our 200-plus team works in a multi-disciplinary, action-oriented environment that is at the heart of European innovation delivering on societal mission.


We recognise it is our people that make us successful and distinctive, and we are committed to maintaining a supportive, performance and development-focused organisational culture which enables our people to realise their full potential at work. We support our employees’ continuous professional development and provide broad career development opportunities across our offices.

We value diversity and are committed to maintaining a fair and inclusive working environment with true equality of opportunity.

Job Opportunities