Our Community makes innovation happen.

EIT Climate-KIC has more than 400 global Community Members spanning universities, businesses, cities and NGOs, giving us an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and expertise.

We catalyse and support innovation for climate action, but it is our Community who make that innovation happen.

The way that our Community is modelled is based on the core principle that members want to actively work together to transform city, industry, land-use, finance, and maritime systems through innovation to speed up the rate of decarbonisation and strengthen climate resilience.

The Community consists of organisations and individuals who benefit from connecting and learning from each other, innovating and orchestrating together, seeking funding together and influencing key climate and innovation policies.

As a whole, the Community is a transformational force to support the most ambitious climate leaders to create change faster than anyone could have predicted.

Benefits of joining the Climate-KIC Community

Community Membership

EIT Climate-KIC’s community membership is built on three levels of engagement. The type of membership you choose is based on what you want to do within the Community and the kinds of benefits and services you want to receive from EIT Climate-KIC.

There are three membership types: Explore, Learn and Drive.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY We bring together the most effective groups to create the innovation that can lead to systemic change.

Three ways to engage

Drive Membership

Drive Membership is suitable for organisations who have a high commitment to system transformation and are already engaged in climate innovation activities. Drive Members are motivated by taking an active role in the Community, in orchestration of systemic approaches in local and pan-European contexts and in collaborative innovation, sharing and learning with and from other members.

Learn Membership

Learn Membership is suitable for organisations who want to increase their understanding about systems transformation, regeneration, decarbonisation and climate resilience. Learn Members are motivated by sharing insights with and learning from others.

Explore Membership

Explore Membership is suitable for organisations who are new to the topic of system transformation, regeneration, decarbonisation, climate resilience or starting their community-based innovation journey. Explore Members are motivated to self-explore the Community ecosystem.

HOW TO APPLY Reach out to someone from our Community Team today