Transformative change through innovation

Staying within 1.5 degrees will require rapid economy-wide decarbonisation through a transition process that is unprecedented, both in its scale and its speed. The purpose of this paper is to explore past and ongoing transitions in coal regions and the role innovation plays in such processes.

It reviews the existing literature on transitions in five coal regions, all of which are at a
different stage of the transition process. From concluded in the case of South Limburg
(NL), to ongoing in Alberta (Canada), Ústecký kraj (CZ), Upper Nitra (SK) to barely begun
in South-West Oltenia (RO).

In each case, we present the national and regional context, the role of champions and
veto players, innovation and social support schemes, public and private finance as well as an assessment of the overall timeline and effectiveness of the process.

EIT Climate-KIC is pleased to make this report available to all who are interested in the transition of coal regions and climate innovation; to all who share the strong belief that collaboration and knowledge exchange is critical in the common effort to tackle climate change. Therefore, this publication shall be understood as a starting point for discussion and as an invitation to collaborate with EIT Climate-KIC and our partner community.


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