Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions from EU heavy Industry

This report sets out multiple possible pathways the EU could pursue to achieve the full decarbonisation of its heavy industries by 2050.

Heavy industry is one of the sectors of the EU economy with stagnating CO2 emissions abatement and significant fossil fuel use. Previously perceived as the ‘hard to abate’ industrial sectors, steel, chemicals, and cement account for about 14 per cent of Europe’s annual emissions. While other sectors are accelerating their emissions reductions, the share of emissions from heavy industry will increase dramatically under business as usual. As such, industry has a key role to play in the decarbonisation of the European economy to fulfil the EU’s commitments under the Paris agreement.

The research was carried out by the consultancy Material Economics and commissioned by the European Climate Foundation, with the support of CISL, EIT Climate KIC, Energy Transitions Commission, and Sitra.


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