Distributed Ledger Technology for Climate Action Assessment

Humanity is not on track to reach the 2°C goal set out by the Paris Agreement, hence there is a need to look and invest into disruptive solutions to transform our economy.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), also referred to as “Blockchain”, has the potential to be such a disruptive solution.

While climate change is a truly global problem, it is well recognised that it requires a decentralised, multi-stakeholder, bottom-up approach to be solved, along with an open and transnational platform of existing (carbon markets, taxes, pricing) and evolving climate action instruments (Nationally Determined Contributions).

Furthermore, the approach needs to allow for a high level of measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) and enforce high levels of trust and transparency. DLT is a technology that optimally aligns with these requirements.

EIT Climate-KIC is happy to make this report available to all who are interested in the nexus of digital technologies and climate action; to all who share the strong belief that collaboration and knowledge exchange is critical in the common effort to tackle climate change. The publication shall be understood as a starting point for discussion and as an invitation to collaborate.


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