Digitalisation – unlocking the potential of the circular economy

The world as we know it is changing.

Every week, the global population increases by 1.5 million people. Every week, 3 million people enter the global middle class, and another 3 million move from rural to urban areas. This rapid demographic shift has one inevitable consequence: there is an increasing demand all over the world for basic goods, housing and transportation.

Based on the real-world experiences of start-ups and innovation projects supported by EIT Climate-KIC, we explore the current barriers and opportunities facing companies attempting to apply digital solutions to circular models in European markets.

The findings in this research paper have been produced through qualitative interviews
and a review of the literature. We have focused on 14 key start-ups and innovation projects associated with EIT Climate-KIC, all operating with circular models. They represent a broad cross-section of the potential for innovation at the digital/circular interface.


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Goal 7: Build circular material flows