Digital with Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer 2030

Developed and deployed correctly, digital technologies are powerful tools that can have a transformational effect on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to ‘Digital with Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer 2030,’ a new report by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Deloitte, supported by the EIT Climate-KIC.

The report identifies and quantifies how technologies can help governments, businesses, and philanthropic organisations accelerate their efforts to achieve SDGs. Its analysis of a broad range of SDG targets finds that further deployment of existing digital technologies will, on average, help accelerate progress toward the SDGs by 22 per cent and mitigate downward trends by 23 per cent.

“Digital technologies need to be developed and deployed with positive societal impact in mind,” says Sira Saccani Theme Director, Sustainable Production Systems, at the EIT Climate-KIC and a reviewer of the report. “The report convincingly makes the case for urgent action and more contribution from digital technologies to address the interrelated challenges of sustainable development and climate change. The ICT sector and its organisations shall take a leadership role in building impact transparency; in assuming responsibility to address negative externalities; and in working at a systemic level through a clear commitment to embed the SDGs more deeply into their core business and supply chains to become truly transformative.”

There is indeed a lot to be done, according to the report, which examines not only the critical role for digital technology and related stakeholders in maximising positive impact, it also looks at how to minimise harmful consequences. 


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