Confusion & Crisis

At a Glance

We have reached a turning point as the climate crisis seems to be riddled with confusion and disagreement, growing and deepening into poly-crises of climate, nature loss, and pollution. In the midst of this confusion, our ability to spur collective action and effect change relies on how we transform during this crisis. How do you work through and within this climate crisis?

Historically, collective action and change have occurred during and after crises, and they can take many forms. To prepare for transformation, we need to engage in challenging discussions about our readiness, the solutions at hand, and the translation of the magnitude of potential disasters into effective policies.

We are witnessing the emergence of small systems of influence, new types of governance, regenerative solutions, self-determination, and community-based initiatives. These innovations have the potential to lead us out of the crisis. The question is, how will we connect these small systems so that they can learn from themselves and from one another?

How do you work through and within a crisis?
How do you work through and within a crisis?

Every month, you can join a series of interactive events hosted by EIT Climate-KIC and stay tuned to our website and our social media channels for interviews with experts, collaborative spaces and moments of self-reflection.

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