The impact of using wood as a construction material

Katowice, Poland
13:30-14:30, 5 December 2018

Venue: Nordic Pavilion

EIT Climate-KIC is at COP24 to highlight the importance of catalysing a shift in the financial sector to achieve transformative change to meet the challenge of climate change.

As Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, EIT Climate-KIC will be sharing how we work to bring the right partners together at the right time, to address how to create systemic impact in the financial system through innovation. With finance as a ‘systems driver’, representatives will discuss how the organisation is working with the climate innovation community to find the best ways to ‘nudge’ the financial system across its portfolio of activities in four work areas – urban transitions, sustainable land use, sustainable production systems, and decision metrics and finance. 



  • Nordic Council of Ministers, Swedish Presidency 2018
  • EIT Climate-KIC Nordic

Event info

A broader look at the impacts on Agenda 2030 from an increased usage of wood.

The secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers project on wood in construction will facilitate a session on the use of wood for construction and impact on Agenda 2030. The results of a survey in the Nordics on the perceived impact on a selected number of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be presented. Impacts that are both positively and negatively impacting the underlying targets for the SDGs will be discussed at this session.

Representatives from various parts of the value chain will be invited to discuss how each of the links can contribute to the SDGs and how possible negative impacts can be mitigated.

Furthermore, a panel will round of the session with a discussing based on the initial rounds with the various links in the value chain. Key questions that will be addressed here is on how the value chain can work together to promote the positive impacts on the SDGs. Initiatives from cities and government to promote wood as a construction material will also be included in the panel debate.

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