COP22 Event: Unlocking ambition

12 Nov 2016

How non-Party stakeholders are contributing to the low carbon transition at COP22

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The event is co-organised with CDP and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

In order to align with the long-term goal of limiting global warming towards below 2 degrees, companies need a few tools, such as international standards, innovation incubators and an enabling policy environment. The overall purpose of this event will be to help accelerate implementation and create a virtuous cycle of climate action, including public and private sector collaboration, guided by new standards and powered by innovation.


Keynote: James Grabert, UNFCCC


  • Stephanie Pfeiffer, CEO IIGCC (TBC)
  • Javier Torres, EDF
  • Tom Baumann, Chair ISO
  • Ian Short, CEO Climate-KIC
  • Pedro Faria, Technical Director CDP
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