Towards more sustainable aviation #JourneyToParis

09 Dec 2015

Open innovation is an asset for the aviation sector. The association of complementary skills from diverse actors can lead to a lighter carbon footprint and tangible savings.

The event will take place at the Grand Palais in central Paris, Conference room 4, from 13:00 – 14:50.

It is expected that global air transport will grow around 4% annually. Today, aviation accounts for more than 2% of global CO2 emissions. Forecasts show it may rise to approximatively 3-5% of global CO2 emissions in 2050.

The aviation sector is continuously growing: airlines companies will globally order more than 30.000 new planes in the coming years.

Innovative solutions to the sector are key now, to develop sustainable air transport in the long term.  

In this conference, key actors from the aviation industry will share their breakthrough innovations regarding airports, airplanes technology and fuels, among which: Air Liquide, KLM, SKYNRG, Schiphol, Utrecht University, the start-ups Safety Line and Evolution Energie and Aerospace Valley.


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