Nordics Pre-Climathon Event: Next Generation P4G

Town Hall Square, Copenhagen
19 Oct 2018

Co-creating visionary partnerships for a sustainable future!

SDG Student Ambassadors Copenhagen, DTU Skylab, I Love Global Goals, Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda and EIT Climate-KIC Nordic invite you to share your input, knowledge and ideas at a pre-Climathon event in relation to the P4G (Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030) Summit. The P4G Summit will take place in Copenhagen on 19-20 October and will explore how partnerships can help us in reaching the Global Goals.

You don’t have to sign up – just show up! 



On 19-20 October 2018, Denmark will gather Heads of States and Government, leaders of international organisations, businesses, academia, and civil society at the first global P4G Summit to form a powerful coalition for sustainable growth through innovative partnerships.

The initiative “Next Generation P4G” seeks to engage youth in the P4G Summit with the objective to ensure youth perspectives, skills and talents. This will enrich the P4G Summit and pave the way for a new generation of P4G advocates.

A group of 15 Young Influencers who already focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and work to shape tomorrow’s policies will take part in a four-day programme visiting companies and organizations throughout Denmark. They will learn about Danish stakeholders’ experiences with public-private partnerships and their potential to accelerate green growth and sustainable development both at the local and national level.

About the event

On Friday 19 October, Copenhagen Town Hall Square will be turned into a sustainable Copenhagen home – in the form of a mega-sized apartment. The home’s supply chains will be left exposed and companies, organisations and NGO’s will showcase innovative sustainable solutions to some of the key challenges posed by increasing urbanisation.

In this construction on the Town Hall Square, the Young Influencers will actively involve the citizens of Copenhagen in the co-creation and visualisation of how global partnerships for sustainable growth may be designed and applied.

This interactive event will serve as a preamble to Copenhagen’s first Climathon since 2015, which will be held on 26 October. Climathon is the world’s largest climate action movement, manifested in a 24-hour climate focused hackathon taking place in 100+ cities globally at the same time. The Young Influencers will work on innovative solutions to four different SDGs:

Who is it aimed at

This event is aimed at people interested in how partnerships can accelerate our efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals globally. Open to the public, it will seek to involve everyone from passersby’s to local climate experts and activists. People interested in participating or get to know more about Climathon are moreover invited to stop by.

During the day, the event will be visited by the official P4G Summit delegates.

Why participate?

Participate for a chance to share your input, knowledge and ideas about global partnerships for sustainable growth with Young Influencers from around the world. Join if you would like to contribute to their empowerment to make progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Come by to learn about the knowledge the Young Influencers have collected during their stay in Denmark, and their take on how initiatives can be transferred to foreign contexts.

Find the Facebook event here

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