Nordic Ideation Day I 2018 *Deadline extended to 14 January!*

Espoo, Finland
31 Jan 2018

On 31 January 2018 Climate-KIC Nordic will host the first Ideation Day of the year in our partner city of Helsinki, Finland. The Nordic EIT Climate-KIC community is invited to submit their most innovative ideas. 

The purpose of Ideation Day is to develop and nurture the EIT Climate-KIC community, which is crucial to facilitating collaboration on innovative projects with significant potential climate impact. 

Ideation Day provides an arena for participants to:

  • Test their project and consortia ideas for climate innovation in a stimulating environment
  • Meet new colleagues, work together and discuss ideas to begin forming consortia
  • Pitch their ideas in front of a jury
  • Potentially move their project forward with financial support
  • Become part of a more informed and closely connected EIT Climate-KIC community

Sustainable Land Use: Forest-Based Bio-Economy Track

Climate-KIC Nordic will host a track dedicated to forest-based bio-economy project proposals related to the priorities of the EIT Climate-KIC theme Sustainable Land Use (SLU). We are looking for innovative ideas within forestry and the wider use of raw materials, among others, wood in construction, and a focus on the long-term substitution of materials such as concrete and fossil fuels. The aim is to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and increased social and economic value.

Please reach out to Business Developer Anne Zaff if you have questions regarding this track. 

All project proposals, regardless of track, are to be submitted through the same link. 

Conditions for Participation

Assessment Criteria

Each project awarded must be led by an EIT Climate-KIC partner.  Non EIT Climate-KIC partners must agree on a funding split with an EIT Climate-KIC partner in order to secure funding. 

Assessment of project ideas will be based on the following priorities: 

  • Cross-community collaboration in project team 
  • Feasibility of implementation
  • Potential climate impact
  • Demand identification

Conditions for funding

Only participants employed by EIT Climate-KIC partners are eligible to receive awards. Potential consortia can consist of both EIT Climate-KIC partners and non EIT Climate-KIC partners.

In order for awards granted at the Ideation Day to become approved as projects, the project lead must after the event complete a EIT Climate-KIC Task Setup Sheet (TSS) and subsequently enter the relevant data into our project system CAPplan. Upon a review of that information,  a Task Confirmation will be issued, which forms the legally binding contract for the project.

Awards ranging from €5,000 up to a maximum of €20,000 will be granted at the Ideation Day. 

Activities based on the ideas awarded need to be carried out before 1 June 2018, pre-financed by the EIT Climate-KIC Partner and reported to EIT Climate-KIC by 2 July 2018 in order to be reimbursed. This aligns with standard EIT Climate-KIC procedure.

Activities for reimbursement are services from third parties related to the project, travel for team members, exhibitions, PR, consumables, coaching, software, labour, and so on. Do not hesitate to contact Henrik Søndergaard if you have additional questions. 

Reporting of results

A short final report of the project’s achievements will be requested by the Climate-KIC Nordic office by 2 July 2018.



09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Aalto Design Factory, Espoo, Finland 

Find your way



09:00 – 09:15

Joint welcome and general introduction to the day by Susanne Pedersen

9:15 – 10:15

Introduction to thematic poster session by Lærke Ullerup.  Preparing for pitch (including 1-minute teaser from each of the selected project promoters)

10:15 – 10:45

Posterwalk and feedback

11:00 – 12:45

Networking and pitch preparation                             

Guidance from EIT Climate-KIC to both individual projects and matchmaking in collaborative projects

11:30 – 12:45

Lunch buffet opens – working lunch and network

12:45 – 14:30

Split into two tracks: SLU and Main

Introduction to pitching session by Lærke Ullerup (Main) and Morten Jastrup (SLU)                                                 

The main track will be pitching projects, whereas the SLU track will be structured like a workshop                                                                

  • Using posters as media                                                                           
  • Three-minute pitch                                                                       
  • Two-minute Q&A

14:30 – 15:30

Audience voting and mingling facilitated by Lærke Ullerup – in plenum

15:30 – 16:15

Awards – presented by Susanne Pedersen – in plenum

16:15 – 17:00

Drinks and networking



Last updated 16 January 2018

Submit your idea 

Participants are encouraged to submit project ideas in advance, by 14 January 23:59 CET at the latest.  Ideas are submitted through this form and will be shared with the other participants prior to Ideation Day. Please do not hesitate to discuss any idea proposals with Nordic Innovation Pipeline Manager Henrik Søndergaard prior to submitting it. 

Preselection of projects 

Climate-KIC Nordic will make a selection of the submitted projects considered to be most relevant and having the best potential for community development to participate in the Ideation Day. Owners of selected projects will be notified by 17 January and asked to design a poster illustrating their project no later than 24 January 2018.  

Register for Ideation Day

Sign up for Ideation Day here before 23 January 2018 12:00. 

Please note that signing up for and submitting ideas to the Ideation Day is not the same process. 

For questions related to Ideation Day please get in touch with Nordic Innovation Pipeline Manager Henrik Nørby Søndergaard

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