Climathon: Nordics

17 Jun 2015

The Nordic Climathons as part of Live Earth – Exploring urban climate challenges and solutions in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Helsinki

What is the Climathon?

The Climathon is a series of hacks across the globe focusing on city challenges – bringing together selected challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to create change. By channeling existing real local data into this, the Cities can achieve new insight and create innovative solutions to core climate challenges.

The Nordic Climathons

Climate-KIC Nordic is organizing three parallel events on and around June 18th alongside Live Earth in close collaboration with three Nordic cities of Copenhagen, Helsinki and Gothenburg.

The host cities for the Nordic Climathons have all selected a theme or challenge to be explored and the cities will provide the hack participants with real data to use against the presented challenges.

The brightest ideas from the Climathon are afterwards supported to work with the host city over a six month period to test their customer base and ensure real market potential. The Climathon culminates with an event alongside COP21 on December 4th in Paris. At this event cities will have the opportunity to have their developed business models showcased and to seek investment and support from the Climate-KIC community.

Be a part of it!

Each host city has presented real challenges and we are now in the process of recruiting the best and brightest developers, students and entrepreneurs to work on them in the 24 hour supported hack. Sign up and spread the word – this is a great chance to be a part of your cities sustainable future!

When and where?

The events are taking place on June 17-18 in Gothenburg and Helsinki and on June 18-19 in Copenhagen.

Sign up and have a chance to have your winning concept presented at COP21 in Paris!

The national events:

1. Helsinki Climathon

The City of Helsinki is hosting its Climathon event at Aalto University, starting at noon on June 17th and going on for 24 full hours – Deputy Mayor Pekka Sauri is giving an inspirational speech to get it started.

Challenge Make schools more energy efficient and healthy by innovative data visualization and other applications

Exploring how pupils and staff can be motivated to change their behavior by getting insight into the energy they use. The aim of the Climathon is to develop innovative tools that visualize energy use to support more efficient and healthier learning environments.

Gothenburg Climathon

Chalmers University of Technology has teamed up with the City of Gothenburg to dive into the challenge selected as a priority issue by the City.

Challenge How can Innovation Platforms be instrumental in catalysing city climate initiatives?

Exploring how to develop an Innovation Platform relevant to an area that consists of actors such as users, customers, municipalities, businesses, universities and research institutes, and it has a holistic and systematic approach to sustainable attractive cities. The Climathon will aim for shaping new ways for Innovation Platforms to improve a climate-ambitious urban area.


2. Copenhagen Climathon

The Copenhagen Climathon is kickstarted by Lykke Friis, prorector at the University of Copenhagen and former Danish Minister for Climate and Energy. The Danish event is taking place on June 18th at 9am – June 19th in cooperation with Copenhagen Solutions Lab.

Challenge How to motivate climate-smart change of citizens’ behavior through the use of data-driven services?

The Climathon aims for sustainable business ideas, technical solutions, and other insights that answer the question: What services can support a more efficient and climate friendly behavior of citizens, and which data cities should gather and display to achieve this.

Hear all about it live

Results and method from the Nordic Climathons will be disseminated at the Swedish political top event Almedalen on June 29, at the Smart Cities conference in Stockholm on October 21 and finally at COP21 on Dec 4, 2015

And remember – there is still time to sign up and take part in these events! Recruitment to the national Climathons happens through the main Climathon webpage


For more information about the Nordic Climathons, please contact:

Line Gry Knudsen
Education Lead
Nordic CLC

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