Nordic Cities Workshop on Regional Cohesion in Climate Action and Innovation

02 Feb 2016

Do you need to step it up? We do. Join us in Malmö to engage in forward-looking and proactive solution-oriented discussions about regional perspectives for the climate.

Who is it for? 

We welcome city planners, city strategists and climate specialists from all of Europe, and from all sectors of society, to engage with the Climate-KIC community in inspirational deliberation on coordinated climate action, and on coalition-building with an eye to project funding opportunities.

What is our focus? 

In this workshop, we will concentrate on two challenges within regional collaboration: Mobility and the Built Environment.

Despite the potential realised in several successful examples at a local stage, there is still a lack of momentum preventing the multiplication of progressive cooperation within and across many regions.  

Mobility Backdrop Intro: Mobility is one of the greatest challenges for urban sustainability. Constant movements of people and goods cause emissions, noise and excessive land use. As we construct new green and dense cities, we need to think about accessibility rather than thinking traffic modes. How could regions and municipalities cooperate to find new ways to handle this challenge? What are the solutions that make mobility seamless regarding e.g. ticket systems, charging infrastructure and comfortable family life? What role can sharing economy and new solutions like mobility as a service play when trying to reach our common aim: to build cities and regions that are ecologically, socially and economically sustainable?

Built Environment Backdrop Intro: When addressing densification and refurbishment initiatives, in Malmö and Skåne, deliberative collaboration between the public sector and property owners achieves innovative productiveness particularly when properties are locally owned. From a regional perspective, this is good, but it is not good enough. How do we step it up to the next level, and how can incentives be spread amongst property owners and other actors?

To add to the experience brought in by participants, local experience will be injected as common backdrops to the workshop. Aiming to outline work packages that can bring us onward, we look forward to identifying together the levers for turning the tide through regionally cohesive efforts.

Before concluding the programme, we will scrutinise and reassess our outcomes in the light of inspirational examples from different parts of Europe.

In addition to workshop sessions, networking opportunities, and inspirational presentations from different parts of Europe, we also offer our participants an informative walk together in the district of Hyllie. Following up on the wide interest expressed at our previous Nordic Cities Workshops in Copenhagen and Helsinki, we seize this opportunity to take a closer look at the area which Malmö aims to develop into Öresund region’s most climate-smart city district, as presented in this brochure and in this film clip

Why Malmö ?

The City of Malmö is committed to achieving the high ambitions set in its Environmental Programme and its Energy Strategy, but adoption of innovative practices and engagement of local stakeholders do not occur in a vacuum. Public bodies, such as regional administrations and neighbouring cities, as well as nearby businesses, academia and civil society organisations pursue related paths, more or less in parallel. At this workshop we welcome relevant actors from the Nordic region and beyond to collaborate together to innovate against the threat of climate change.

Programme outline

Thursday 28 April

Venue: City of Malmö’s Department of Environment, Bergsgatan 17, Malmö

09:30    Registration and coffee
10:00    What are the implications of Regional and Cohesion?
               Welcome and scene setting by Ian Short, Climate-KIC Interim CEO
11.30     Practical information for the workshops
12:00    Launch lunch: to mark Malmö joining as a Climate-KIC partner
14:00    Parallel Workshops: Mobility and the Built Environment
17:00     Reportng back and wrap-up
               Hyllie site visit information
               Networking dinner

Friday 29 April

Venue: Quality Hotel View, Hyllie sationstorg 29, Malmö

08:30    Hyllie site visit
09:30    Morning coffee
10:00    Inspirational perspectives from Europe
13:00    Lunch
14:00    Spark! Key note presentation
14:30    Concluding integrative discussion
               Outlining the way forward
16:00    Programme ends

Information for participants

The workshop will be conducted in English. It is free of charge (excluding any overnight accomodation) and includes a networking dinner.

Please register your place by sending an email to: events@climate-kic-nordic.org and give us your name, position and organisation.

Let us know whether you intend to participate on one or both days. The workshop will be limited to 60 participants and preference will be given to those attending for the whole event.

We will confirm if you have been allocated a place or have been placed on a waiting list.  

If you are a vegetarian, have any allergies or other dietary restrictions, please state it in your email.

The agenda and practical information on venues, travel and suggested hotels will be sent to you soon after your registration is confirmed. 

Please sign up by 14:00 CET on 18 April.

The workshop is organised in collaboration with the City of Malmö, Climate-KIC, Trivector and Gate21 with support from Vinnova and E.on.











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