Nordic Cities – a Roadmap for Collaboration beyond Paris #JourneyToParis

02 Dec 2015

High-level roundtable discussion during COP21 in Paris about Nordic collaboration and co-learning for the strategic climate challenges facing our urban environments.

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The event will take place at the Hub Culture Paris Pavilion in central Paris from 12:30 until 14:00.

Nordic cities are in many ways at the forefront of the global shift to more sustainable economies and societies and Nordic solutions are showing the way forward. This round table will share insights into the ambitious goals set by the Nordic cites and how they intend to reach them.

Focus will be put on how Nordic cities are exploring new forms of cooperation for climate action, what partnerships there are that accelerate this process and how to optimise sharing and spreading of best practice and learning from each other’s failings.

To request an invitation or inquire about this invitation-only event, please contact cop21@climate-kic.org.

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