Two-day Masterclass: Recruiting and developing talent

London, UK
05 Jul 2018

About the Masterclass

Are you looking for something more than just straight-forward recruitment? The purpose of this Masterclass is to help companies ensure their future success and to find and retain the best possible talent. This involves keeping open communication channels with your best people to maintain peak performance while ensuring personal development. The Masterclass is a mix of theory and practice, via an interactive and hands-on approach – allowing attendees to remain engaged while catering to varying degrees of experience in these areas.


Date: 5-6 July 2018
Location: London
Led by: David Bizer, Founder and CEO of Talent Fountain

Who should attend?

The Masterclass is designed for entrepreneurs, founders, senior executives, HR professionals and those who believe talent management is the role of every business leader and determines the future success of the enterprise.

Participants should be very curious about culture, employer brand, recruitment, retention and development.


After the two-day session, participants will be able to:

  • Leverage the power of their culture and employer brand to address all facets of talent management
  • Apply best practices in talent attraction and how to set apart your start-up from the rest of the pack
  • Design a recruitment process which allows you to truly identify candidates with the right fit and deliver an experience these candidates will remember as unique
  • Create an open dialogue to keep your best people performing at their highest level while giving them plenty of opportunities to develop themselves

The Masterclass will be a mix of short TED-style presentations, exercises, role-playing and work sessions.  Participants should expect to be working on a large variety of topics related to their own business.  Participants can expect to leave this Masterclass with a whole new battery of tools which they can immediately implement. 


Please register individually for this Masterclass. You can register here.

Places are limited and applications will be assessed as they come in. Early application is advised.

Led by David Bizer

The Masterclass will be led by David Bizer, Founder and CEO of Talent Fountain.

David Bizer was the first recruiter for Google in Europe, building out the organization from 100 to over 5000 employees in 7 years. David’s experience originates at the very epicentre of web technology, starting his career at Netscape working with Marc Andreessen and the team which essentially launched the internet to the masses. Currently, David is the Founder and CEO of Talent Fountain, a boutique consulting firm focused on talent acquisition, talent management and startup culture. Since 2010, David has collaborated with over 100 emerging startups throughout Europe to scale their human capital.

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