Masterclass: Entrepreneurial Marketing with Rajiv Lal

29 Jun 2015

Need to brush up on your marketing skills? Join our two-day masterclass Entrepreneurial Marketing with Harvard Business School’s Rajiv Lal in Berlin.

It is often said that Entrepreneurial Marketing is both a mind-set and a process. It is a mind-set because entrepreneurs are relentless in their pursuit of opportunity and gathering of resources needed to make the most of it.

The process is one where the entrepreneur has a clear vision of what the customer will want in the future but goes through a systematic process of measured experiments designed to test and improve on the vision.

Led by: Professor Rajiv Lal

Date: 29-30 June, 2015

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Programme Outline

Starting with a lecture on ‘What is Marketing,’ we will spend the first day exploring these issues through three cases: Dr. John’s Products Ltd., Calyx & Corolla and Aqualisa.

The day will end with a session summarising the lessons learnt and how they are applicable to the entrepreneurs present in class. We will also use this session to discuss the challenges faced by the attending entrepreneurs in their own businesses.

The second day is about the biggest challenge facing most entrepreneurial ventures in technology: what is described by Geoffrey Moore as ‘Crossing the Chasm.’ He clearly illustrates why several companies fail because they do not understand the difference between visionaries who are early adopters of a new technology and those pragmatists who will be the mainstay of a sustainable business.

Entrepreneurs have to reverse engineer this process to make the right choices when launching a new technology and then figure out how and when to jump the chasm to cater to the needs of the long term customers. The visionaries are needed for proof of concept but pragmatists are needed for sustaining a profitable business.

Each session will require participants to work in groups for 30 minutes before a 90 minute plenary session for each case.

About Rajiv Lal

Rajiv Lal, is the Stanley Roth, Sr. Professor of Retailing at Harvard Business School.


Rajiv Lal, Stanley Roth Sr. Professor of Retailing at Harvard Business School

He has also been responsible for the retailing curriculum and has served as the course head for Marketing, required study in the first year of the MBA program.

Professor Lal also teaches in several Executive Education programs, has previously served as the Faculty Chair for the Global Management Program, and currently co-chairs the program on Building and Leading a Customer Centric Organization.


Please register individually for this Master Class. You can register here.

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee Climate-KIC start-ups have free access to this Master Class. Travel costs will be reimbursed by Climate-KIC up to 200 euros per person. All participants have to pay and arrange their own accommodation. Please note that there is a 500 euro no-show fine for this Master Class.

Please read the full Code of conduct.

For companies not participating in the Climate-KIC Accelerator, the tuition fee for this Master Class is 1500 euro per person. Please wait until you receive your official confirmation of participation email before arranging your travel details.

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