Masterclass Budapest: Lean Start-up by Bernhard Doll

08 Sep 2016

Bernhard Doll teaches through hands-on experience how to prototype, validate and implement innovative business models, products and services with a “lean” development approach.

Who should attend?

The Masterclass has been designed for those who already have a concrete business idea and are interested in proven, hands-on tools to prototype, validate and implement. They should be interested in innovative and environmentally-conscious business models, products and services.

Participants should be able to pitch their existing business ideas in front of an audience.

This Masterclass will be open to 40 participants, so register early!


After the two-day session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify critical hypotheses in their innovative business models, products services
  • Build prototypes and run business experiments (with simple means)
  • Design minimum viable business models, products and services
  • Manage “lean” implementation projects under conditions of high uncertainty

The Masterclass will be a mix of input presentations, short break-out sessions, case studies and intense group work sessions, in which participants are invited to experience various tools, methods and materials. Tools like paper prototyping, large-scale posters as “shared spaces”, LEGO Serious Play to software-based tools for virtual team collaboration and crowd sourcing are some of things we will be covering.


Each participant will receive a personal toolbox that can be used even after the Masterclass. The toolbox contains a handbook with descriptions and how-to guidelines for all methods used in the sessions, high-resolution templates and a free one-year license for the collaboration software “Rapid Modeler” upon request.


  • Date: 8-9 September 2016
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Led by: Bernhard Doll, Managing Director of Orange Hills GmbH


Please register individually for this Masterclass. You can register here.

Climate-KIC start-ups have free access to this Masterclass. Travel costs will be reimbursed by Climate-KIC up to 200 euros per person. Costs must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the Masterclass for reimbursement. All participants have to pay and arrange their own accommodation. Please note that there is a 500 euro no-show fine for this Masterclass. Please read the full Code of conduct  and be prepared to send in your signed version when requested to do so.

Tuition Fee

For companies not following the Climate-KIC Acceleration Programme, the tuition fee for this Masterclass is 950 euros per person.

Please wait with arranging your travels until you have received your official confirmation of participation per email.

Led by Bernhard DollBernard Doll

The masterclass will be led by Bernhard Doll. He is Managing Director of Orange Hills GmbH, a Munich-based consulting company focused on prototyping, agile strategy, service and business modeling and the development of software-based innovation tools.

Over the last 15 years, Bernhard has founded, facilitated and supported a series of startups, including Webmiles AG, SiteForce AG and Interhyp AG (IPO 2005).

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