Masterclass Amsterdam: Building a scalable business with Bill Aulet, 16 & 17 May 2016

16 May 2016

This two-day Masterclass addresses building a scalable business and will focus on the critical next stages an entrepreneur needs to design and implement to dramatically increase the founder’s odds of building a scalable business.

In Climate KIC, teams have learned and implemented the foundational elements of Disciplined Entrepreneurship about how to find a customer and truly understand their needs and opportunities, which is essential a modified version of design thinking for the entrepreneurial environment. This Masterclass will focus on the middle stages of the Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework which include quantifying the value proposition, identifying the next 10 customers, formulating a repeatable efficient and effective sales process, building a proper high level product specification for your initial product, determining the right value extraction model, pricing, calculating the LTV (Life Time Value) of a new customer, calculating and comparing the COCA (Cost Of Customer Acquisition), adjusting the LTV and COCA to achieve viable and attractive unit economics and then how to think ahead to be ready to move beyond your beach head market.

The author of Disciplined Entrepreneurship will not only cover the concepts in the book but will also discuss new material that will be in the next version of the book. The focus will be on first what exactly the concept is, why it is important and why it is done in the general sequence in the book but most of all, how to apply it to your startup.


The course objectives are reached when the participants are able to:

  • Quantify the value proposition
  • Identifying the next 10 customers
  • Formulate a repeatable efficient and effective sales process
  • Build a proper high level product specification for the initial product
  • Determine the right value extraction model
  • Calculate the LTV (Life Time Value) of a new customer
  • Calculate and compare the COCA (Cost Of Customer Acquisition)
  • Adjust the LTV and COCA to achieve viable and attractive unit economics
  • Think ahead to be ready to move beyond the beach head market.


Please register individually for this Masterclass. You can register here. Upon receipt of the registration request, potential attendees will receive a Code of Conduct, which they must sign and return to confirm their registration.


Climate-KIC start-ups have free access to this Masterclass. Travel costs up to 200 euros per person will be reimbursed by Climate-KIC. All participants have to pay and arrange their own accommodation. Please note that there is a 500 euro no-show fine for this Masterclass.

For companies not following the Climate-KIC Acceleration programme, the tuition fee for this Masterclass is 950 euros per person.

Please wait with arranging your travel until you have received your official confirmation of participation per email.


The event will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Detailed information about the venue and route description will be provided upon confirmation of your participation.


Prior to the course, participants should have read the first eight chapters of Bill Aulet’s book, “Disciplined Entrepreneurship.” This required reading prepares participants for an intense review of the rest of the book.

About Bill Aulet

Bill AuletBill Aulet, Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management. Bill is a successful entrepreneur turned educator. He started his career in 1981 at IBM. After 11 years at IBM, he attended MIT where he earned a Master’s degree and first studied entrepreneurship. Upon graduation, he spent the next decade plus with three increasingly successful entrepreneurial ventures that he led or co-led and in which he directly created hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value. During the past seven years he has been responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive entrepreneurship education across MIT, where he has been recognized with numerous awards. His book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, has become an international best seller and has been translated into over a dozen languages. He has been widely published in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The Boston Globe and many more. He has also been a featured speaker on shows such as CNBC’s Squawk Box and Bloomberg News as well as at events and conferences around the world. He is a board member of MITEK Systems (NASDAQ: MITK) and XL Hybrids (Private). He is also a Visiting Professor at University of Strathclyde (Scotland). He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Harvard.

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