Istanbul Innovation Days 2021, UNDP

22 Feb 2021

Istanbul Innovation Days 2021 (IID 2021) is an eight week programme. Between 22 February and 20 April, there will be a series of interactive experiences, hosted by the UNDP and partners from different locations around the world. The theme of IID 2021 is ‘Development and its futures.‘ In focusing on the plurality – the futures – IID 2021 will engage edge thinkers and doers to discover and accelerate paths to alternative development futures.

At 1pm CET on February 22, 2021, Kirsten Dunlop will participate in the webinar: Urban Shifts – Transformations and Their Narratives.

This dialogue will build on the emergent practice and body of knowledge around new ways of addressing urban transformation, models and financing mechanisms. How can UNDP and its partners keep a finger on the pulse, and to continue to adapt and enable transformation?

The purpose of the session will be to:

  • Highlight the new paradigms and holistic models that are emerging around urban transformation, and the role that narratives play in it;
  • Demonstrate through practice how are cities balancing green and blue development, towards climate neutrality;
  • Discuss financing models, new capabilities and partnerships required to address the complex and interdependent nature of the challenges in urban spaces.



Moderator: Shada Islam. 

Opening and framing: Ms. Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, Regional Director for Europe and CIS (RBEC).

Signals of change: New models of transformation: Kirsten Dunlop – CEO of Climate KIC

Questions to be addressed: What are the new models of urban transformation that are emerging? What are the key enabling conditions & role of policy-makers to support transitioning to more sustainable futures?

Leaders’ Dialogue: The art of the possible and new urban futures:

  • H.E. Mr. Aureliu Ciocoi, Acting Prime Minister, Republic of Moldova
  • Mr. Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator
  • Ms. Fatma Sahin, Mayor of Gaziantep and President of the Union of Municipalities in Turkey
  • Mr. Edin Forto, Prime Minister, Canton of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Dr. Josianne Cutajar, MEP, Member of the European Parliament

Questions to be addressed: What are the key needs experienced at the urban level? How are leaders and mayors building social and environmental resilience in cities, to withhold future shocks? What is the role that multilateral organizations are ready to play to finance long term resilience, renewal capability and transformation?

Closing, RBEC Regional Director


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