Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment for Climate Solutions

11 Nov 2017

11 November | 9.30am – 10.30am

Fiji Pavilion

Innovation is integral to building a greater resilience of vulnerable nations to the impacts of climate change, and infusing entrepreneurship and investment with the right climate innovations will fast-track the development and deployment of climate solutions. 

The international community is working together to further strengthen the innovation & entrepreneurship “ecosystems” that have the potential to not only provide climate solutions but further catalyze next steps to future economies with net zero greenhouse gas emissions, in an effort to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

This side event aims to spotlight the leading innovation and entrepreneurship incubation and accelerator programmes that have been promoting affordable and scalable technology solutions and social innovations by working with start-up companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and thereby contributing to the emergence of an active climate and energy market and industry.

The event will facilitate evidence-based discussions on the needs for and opportunities for the clean technology innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystems in developing and emerging economies, by drawing from the expertise and knowledge accumulated by the UNIDO/GEF Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) and Climate-KIC.  Experts working in the field of climate innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment will discuss the enablers of robust ecosystems for innovation & entrepreneurship that can give rise to a start-up and SME sector, and the positive climate impact expected through commercialization of the innovative solutions.

Focus will be given particularly to the investment dimensions of the innovation chain in developing countries, and the financial design required for a clean technology and sustainable energy market to take hold in emerging economies. Approaches to attracting investment for clean technologies will also be explored.

In addition, technology innovations with climate impact potential, especially in the context of small developing island context will be showcased.  

This event is co-organized by UNIDO and Climate-KIC.

Speakers from Climate-KIC, GEF, UNIDO GCIP, World Bank Kenya CIC, Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Contact: Andrea Karpati

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