How to influence climate policy innovation and thought leadership through capability and capacity building

08 May 2024, 17.00 CET

As part of Catalysing Change Week 2024, EIT Climate-KIC is hosting an event on how to influence climate policy innovation and thought leadership through capability and capacity building. 

EIT Climate-KIC is working with leaders around the globe, opening pathways to shift mindsets and behaviours and enable decision-makers and investors to act and build climate competency and upskill for a sustainable future. 

In the next decades, every job is a climate job. The challenge of climate change is daunting and urgent. At the same time, when government and industry leaders are tasked with transforming their practices to build climate resilience, they often find themselves lacking the knowledge and capability to complete the tasks. 

This session aims to inspire and launch a call to action for a global community of inspiring climate leaders. The workshop will be based around case studies of innovative approaches developed by public and private leadership workforce where real-time, hands-on development and innovation capacities are fostered, related and adapted to their green-sustainability strategic plans and ambitions. 

To bring that into action, EIT Climate-KIC is partnering with a series of strategic partners around the globe to lead a Climate Policy Innovation and Thought Leadership through Capability and Capacity Building movement. Our learning-by-doing expertise and advanced sensemaking methodology allows us to harvest the learning, insights, and knowledge arising from these interventions and transformations and scale it up with the intent to create wide ripple effects and rapid transformation in more places and industries. 

Our workshop/collaboration launch will be a journey through real-life case studies and engaging guest speakers that EIT Climate-KIC is actively working with around the globe. At this interactive session we will share knowledge, tools, and inspirations, following our Sensemaking facilitation methodology while addressing key areas like: 

  • Circular Business strategies by Yunus Environment Hub: Circular business strategies and innovations are essential for climate action. However, often the critical social dimensions to achieve sustainability goals are not considered or implemented. We will discuss the importance of just transition in the development of circular strategies so not only environmental but also social elements are embedded for the holistic impact that benefits both people and planet. 
  • Understanding the importance of international and national climate policy innovation by the Inter-American Development Bank: IDB, a leading source of development finance for Latin America and the Caribbean, will share their learnings and reflections in their commitment to help the region meet its climate mitigation and adaptation needs and maximising its potential to become a global leader in climate and nature action. 
  • Building capacity to act as a thought leader, influencing and collaborating with other sectors and communities by EIT Climate-KIC: the Climate Leadership programme, is a modular programme designed with the lens of equity and inclusion, to foster rapid learning from some of the most innovative climate-ambitious projects. It enables a self-transformational journey for leaders in cities, regions, businesses, and communities to create systemic change.   

We believe it is critical that EIT Climate-KIC’s efforts towards leading a Climate Leadership movement is not seen as operating in isolation, but that we actively look at how we can connect this work with other activities carried out by other entities around the globe with similar values and objectives, to partner up and generate more transformational impact. 


  • Julie Chrysler, Social Business Strategist , Circular Economy Transformation at Yunus Environment Hub  
  • Matteo Grazzi, Science Technology and Innovation Senior Specialist at IDB  
  • Kirsten Dunlop, CEO at EIT Climate-KIC 


  • Solveig  Zophoniasdottir, Learning Director at EIT Climate-KIC 
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