Enabling business leaders for the great transformation #JourneyToParis

09 Dec 2015

Drawing upon fresh insights from the new Climate-KIC study ‘Sparking an Innovation Step Change’, this roundtable will discuss the need for corporate action at scale.

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This event will take place at the EU Pavilion in Le Bourget on 9 December from 18.15 – 19.00.

Can we seize this opportunity and provide the foundations for a prosperous, climate resilient way of life in our cities today and for future generations? We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a low carbon future, driven by innovation, collaboration, and investment.

It will debate the level and style of leadership skill needed to ensure business takes the lead, in collaboration with science and society, in driving climate action. We will discuss what kind of leadership culture will define and deliver the great transformation.


Ebrahim Mohamed – Director of Education, Climate-KIC
Martin Siegert – Co-Director of Grantham Institute for Climate Change & Environment at Imperial College London

For more information about this event, please contact COP21@climate-kic.org.

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