Online learning – New massive open online course on renewable energy innovation

15 Jul 2015

Climate-KIC launches its free new-generation action-based course on renewable energy innovation – the REI MOOC.

First of its kind 

The REI MOOC aims to help foster the transformation of renewable energy possibilities into innovative action. It is the first of its kind and has been developed in collaboration with Climate-KIC’s partnering knowledge and innovation community InnoEnergy. 

The course aims to foster actions for the use clean, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal power in order to encourage more people in society to take climate action and help tackle the climate change challenge.

Who can join 

This free online learning resource is open for anyone with an interest in renewable energy and fighting climate change: educators, upcoming entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, researchers, school or university students, opinion makers, or general members of the public who are interested.

The REI MOOC Challenge

At the heart of the MOOC is a challenge for the participants: “Can you help overcome the barriers to the success of renewable energy?” A series of challenge tasks spans the MOOC, leading towards the creation of action plans for renewable energy innovation either individually or collectively (with other REI MOOC learners).

To help learners rise to this challenge, the course contains a set of dynamic learning resources and activities linked to a vibrant global learning community, focused on climate change and climate science, innovation and entrepreneurship and, of course, renewable energy.

Programme Outline

The REI MOOC is an ideal online complement to any university course on renewable energy, providing dynamic resources on innovation and entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector which can integrate well with more traditional courses focused solely on renewable energy technology and science.

It can also be treated a standalone course which provides an ideal springboard for anyone who wants to learn about the possibilities for renewable energy in combating climate change.

Duration and study level 

This free online learning resource can be completed flexibly to suit different learner needs: either over a fixed seven-week period, with the first such session starting on 15 July 2015, or over whatever other period a learner or group of learners wishes.

The materials in this MOOC are at undergraduate level, and there are no pre-requisites required other than an interest in renewable energy innovation and a desire to do something about climate change.

Customisable to every learner’s needs

Depending on the learner’s choice, the course amounts to between 4 – 6 hours learning time a week if doing the fixed duration version. A personalised longer or shorter duration for the course chosen by a learner will vary the weekly hours accordingly.

A completion certificate from Climate-KIC will be given to all those who successfully complete the course. All individual progress can be tracked, saved and stored throughout the course to fit the learner’s academic or training portfolios.

Register for free 

Sign up now for this free online course to help solve the challenges facing renewable energy – registration is now open!

Click on the link below for free registration, to join a vibrant community of change makers.

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