Web TV Stage: Carbocount #JourneyToParis

10 Dec 2015

Climate-KIC’s Carbocount project appears on the Web TV Stage in Le Bourget. The project focuses on atmospheric measurement and emissions modelling at city-scale.

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The event takes place at the Solutions COP21 Pavilion at Le Bourget, near Paris, from 10:30 – 11:00.

Cities are altogether the largest emitting sources of carbon dioxide mainly through heating, transportation sectors and nearby supplying plants.

Indeed, the largest megacities of the world account for 80% of fossil fuel CO2 emissions, meaning that if emissions from those cities could be accurately monitored, more efficient policies could be designed and established, based on indisputable and transparent measurements.

The remaining technological challenge is then to test GHG atmospheric observations and models at full-scale over cities in order to demonstrate that emissions can be assessed in real-time and provide usable information for measuring local policy effectiveness and assisting agencies that have the mandatory task to improve and verify the current “bottom-up” emission inventories.

Web TV at COP21

During COP21, a Web TV stage at the Grand Palais in central Paris and near the diplomatic negotiations in Le Bourget will host interviews about climate change solutions. The interviews will be broadcast live on the Solutions COP21 website, and feature simultaneous translation in English and French, as well as French sign language.

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