Agriculture Risk Modelling Sandpit

25 Jul 2017


Date: Tuesday 25 July

Time: 09:30 – 14:00 BST

Venue: London Bridge, UK

More than any other industry, agriculture relies on predictable weather and climate patterns. Climate-related challenges to agriculture are enormous – in particular, the onset of uncertain weather conditions affecting crop systems. The role of agricultural insurance in contributing to the prevention and management of climate-related risks, depends on the availability of technical and statistical information and tools that help to characterize volatility in extreme event intensity and return periods, identify correlation of risk, and support risk pricing.

During this event we will bring together stakeholders of the agriculture insurance community, end users in finance and development, the research community and technical developers to discuss the challenge/unknowns from different perspectives and identify relevant priorities for solutions. We will also take the opportunity to discuss funding and collaboration opportunities for innovation in agriculture risk modelling.

We will focus on innovation priorities related to Insurance/Re market, also considering the public sector, agricultural investment, corporate/agribusiness and smallholder markets. We will examine the technical barriers that exist including challenges related to loss modelling, index based products, and risk partnerships; discuss technical solutions especially how the OASIS platform may assist in developing solutions; and how the community can collectively build market momentum.

Climate-KIC is hosting this workshop via its flagship programme ‘Climate Risk Information’, working closely with OASIS and the Institute of Environmental Analytics

For more information, or to enquire about attendance, please contact Rachael.holmes@climate-kic.org

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