Blended learning course: Ideation for Climate Business

25 May 2015

Kick-start your creativity and participate in a fast forward of creating, prototyping and testing climate business ideas!

Running from 25 May until 26 of June 2015, this Climate-KIC course focuses on individual and team-based learning by doing. This is a non-fee open course.

Blended learning approach

Through a combination of e-learning, individual tasks and group activities you will learn to: 

  • Define problems you want to address and explore their commercial potential
  • Generate lots of ideas based on observations of the world around you
  • Prototype, get feedback and evaluate ideas
  • Assess the climate and market impact of business ideas and of existing businesses

You get the opportunity to:

  • Create lasting networks to share knowledge, skills and resources
  • Meet potential partners for climate business action. 

Five weeks of learning by doing

The first four weeks of the course are online, followed by a one-day brainstorming, prototyping and testing workshop offered at various Climate-KIC locations around Europe. The date for your face-to-face workshop depends on your nearest location and will be announced at the start of the online programme.


Registration is open now: Join course