Accelerating systems transitions to build prosperous net zero-carbon societies

Across most industries in Europe, the ‘easier stuff’ on the path to net-zero has already been done, mostly through cleaner energy supply and efficiency.

What lies ahead is unprecedented and more difficult: structural change in social, economic and financial systems; fundamental transformations of city-systems, industry and land-use. New concepts of value and relationship. EIT Climate-KIC is building portfolios of  coordinated innovations that work together to address these ‘systems level’ challenges.

Our city-focused initiatives include EIT Climate-KIC’s Deep Demonstration projects, which are intended as inspirational examples of what is possible at the level of whole systems transformations when innovation and investment are collaborative, coordinated and mission-led. Our Healthy, Clean Cities Deep Demonstration, for example, takes the guesswork out of where and how cities need to invest and intervene by providing an evidence-based approach that indicates the systems interventions needed at whole city scale.

In addressing the global nature of climate change and challenge of short-termist thinking, EIT Climate-KIC CEO Kirsten Dunlop said:

“We need to see transformation as the new normal to start to achieve the kind of change required in London and in cities around the world.  At EIT Climate KIC, our message is simple – we will work with any organisation, public or private, that is prepared to step up and own the challenge of transformation. Our community is composing a portfolio of interventions that tests for multiple and diverse solutions as rapidly as possible, helping cities, companies and communities to deliver large-scale impact.”

This special series of EIT Climate-KIC Climate Innovation Insights captures the key arguments, presentations and examples of our work that were shared at various
events during the first ever London Climate Action Week in June 2019.

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Kirsten Dunlop, CEO, EIT Climate-KIC "“We need to see transformation as the new normal to start to achieve the kind of change required in London and in cities around the world."

Turning the climate emergency into action

EIT Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest knowledge and innovation community focused on the rapid, broad-based systems transitions we now need to build prosperous, resilient, net zero-carbon societies in time. We run programmes in 28 countries from 13 European centres, including Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin. The diversity of our network is our strength. Our 370+ partners come from SMEs, corporations, start-ups, academia, science, cities and other public authorities and NGOs.

We support systems-wide approaches across Europe. In the UK, our most recent collaborations are with three key city-regions: assisting Edinburgh to deliver on its net-zero emissions target for 2030 (the first UK city to set this target); supporting the Greater London Authority in developing its CleanTech London model to better connect innovators and entrepreneurs to the challenges set out by the Mayor; and aiding the West Midlands Combined Authority in its industry and civic transition away from fossil fuel dependence through the Energy Capital innovation partnership.

For more information we invite you to visit the EIT Climate-KIC UK & Ireland website.

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