Sustainable Production Systems

Industry emissions account for 30 per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. These stem mainly from materials processing in the metals and chemicals sector, where demand in the automobile, household appliances, consumer electronics and packaging sectors is highest. Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Production Systems theme is building a new foundation for Europe’s industry, fostering innovation that decouples economic growth from unsustainable resource use and greenhouse gas emissions. 

What We Do

There is an urgent need to accelerate cross-industry innovation that delivers the biggest possible economic and climate impact. We develop and champion climate-friendly and economically viable circular models of manufacturing to deliver a carbon-neutral economy. We are working to lower Europe’s resource dependency and to foster interlinked markets for secondary resources. Our focus is on lifecycle-driven ideas – the kind that yield a material or energy exchange or sharing of assets. Our goal is to add value among stakeholders.

  • Future Feedstock

We identify alternative feedstock for industrial processes, substituting raw materials with secondary ones, processed with low carbon, renewable sources. We foster innovation that designs waste out of systems by channelling by-products back into the value chain.

  • Closing the Loop

Our closed-loop approach yields material and energy exchange, and a sharing of assets. Our goal is to add value among stakeholders. We demonstrate the positive impact of symbiosis, shifting efforts away from singular gains towards cross-industry and cross-sectorial collaboration.

  • Linking Up and Downstream

We connect upstream (B2B) manufacturing industries in the chemicals and metal sector with the industries where there is the highest demand for their products in the consumer markets – from mobility and household appliances to electronics, packaging, fabrics and clothing. We work with recycling and waste management operators, interlinking markets for secondary resources and creating closed material cycles

Working Across Industry

Sustainable Productions Systems is: 

  • Seed-funding high-impact climate solutions
  • Facilitating open innovation through multi-stakeholder and cross-industry collaboration
  • Supporting technological and business model innovation in regional eco-clusters and value chains

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The Sustainable Production Systems Team

Sira Saccani 
Theme Director Sustainable Production Systems


Maria Loloni
Business Analyst Sustainable Production Systems