Decision Metrics and Finance

There is no lack of finance but a lack of bankable green assets.  Climate-KIC’s Decision Metrics and Finance team work with our network of 200+ partners to develop the metrics and financial mechanisms to redirect and mobilise the finance needed to quickly scale up climate action. We provide a platform for all sectors, from public and private financial players, to policy makers and governments to unlock finance through innovation.

What We Do

  • We provide seed funding for pioneering projects and promising start-ups

  • We co-develop and grow leading innovation programmes  

  • We bring together key actors to create alliances and thought leadership

  • We inform and educate decision makers to unlock climate finance

Our Priority Areas

1) Transforming financial markets and standards using innovations that redirect financial market flows to climate-friendly and resilient assets.

2) Developing a global market for climate risk information focusing on how physical can be assessed, reduced, and transferred in novel ways. 

Our flagship programme, Climate Risk Information (CRI), is a collection of modelling and risk analytics tools which help public and private stakeholders manage physical risk, reduce uncertainty and enable resilience-building decisions. CRI aims to demonstrate the value of using climate risk data and models in end-user investment, insurance or planning decisions and thereby create confidence and growth in the market. At the core of CRI is Oasis open-source loss modelling framework (Oasis LMF), which allows users to feed in a range of hazard, exposure and vulnerability data. Oasis LMF is backed by an insurance industry-led consortium, which values transparency, increasing access and use of available data and models.

3) Unlocking climate finance for cities to ensure low carbon and resilient urban development.

Climate-KIC’s flagship programme, Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL), is a global innovation hub that aims to unlock finance for cities. The programme provides cities and investors with training, project preparation, financial and impact assessment tools and services. Find out more here

4) Mobilising finance for sustainable land use to address both mitigation and adaptation land use challenges.


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