Decision Metrics and Finance

Legislation and global policy is driving greater disclosure and transparency in investment. There is a need for a clearer understanding and management of climate risk, for standardisation in reporting, monitoring and verification. There is a need to shift from divestment to green reinvestment, by identifying bankable, climate-friendly projects. 

Climate-KIC’s Decision Metrics and Finance theme focuses on developing and integrating novel metrics, finance and decision-making mechanisms that accelerate and scale up climate action. This crucial work underpins all economic sectors, from agriculture to manufacturing, looking to transform through climate innovation. 

What We Do

Together with our partners, we develop novel approaches to mobilise the investment needed to decarbonise sectors and catalyse the rapid uptake of innovations, often already out there. We inspire change across sectors by innovating in ways that make the business case for sustainability. We aim to make climate innovation and sustainability a competitive advantage that businesses want to follow.

  • Metrics and Evidence-Based Targets

From carbon management to environmental auditing, we address data and evaluation so that sectors, companies, cities and investors understand where they are now and where they need to go in order to deliver on climate targets, save costs and thrive in the long-term.

  • Risk Adaptation Services and Green Re-investment

Our risk management and adaptation services determine the cost and impact of climate change currently not visible across sectors, supply chains and investments, while offering ways to build in resilience. We support investors in identifying and accessing bankable, green projects by articulating new models of value, benefits and returns.

  • Informing and Educating Decision-Makers and Markets

With our partners, we advance cutting-edge knowledge and skills through collaboration and professional development. We inform and educate sectors, cities, markets and decision-makers, building the collective intelligence needed to implement identified climate actions.

Unlocking Investment 

Decision Metrics and Finance’s projects and programmes range from pioneering global initiatives to promising start-ups. These include: 

  • Low Carbon City Lab – LoCal 

Climate-KIC’s flagship programme, Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL), is a global innovation hub that is unlocking the investment cities need to meet their climate targets. The programme identifies options to raise capital, and facilitates investment in fundamental mitigation and adaptation projects. Find out more here

  • Oasis

Oasis is a suite of catastrophe modelling and risk analytics tools to help cities, governments and businesses manage catastrophe and climate-related risk, and build resilience. At its core is an open-source loss modelling framework, with plug and play features, that allows users to feed in a range of hazard, exposure and vulnerability data. Oasis aims to make these vital adaptation tools accessible to a wider audience. Find out more here

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