The easy way to your new heating

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Germany

Thermondo is the first online heating installation company that enables an automated proposal creation process for heating renovations. Based on 14 data points entered by the customer the most suitable heating system and it’s cost is offered. The proposals include hardware of all major German heating manufacturers as well as the heating installation, and consultation services. Thanks to the high specialization of its own craftsmen teams (the so called Thermondo „Meister-Teams“) the company is able to install heatings all over Germany. 


Philipp A. Pausder
0800 4 200 300

Team Members: Philipp A. Pausder (Geschäftsführer, Finance & Marketing); Florian Tatzleff (Geschäftsführer, Sales & Delivery); Kristofer Fichtner (CTO)