Structure Analysis Innovation Software

Founding Year: 2014

Location: France

The construction sector is accountable for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Strains  is developing a structural analysis software with renewed algorithms capable of minimizing the use of raw materials. Used in the assessment of existing infrastructures, the software evaluate more accurately the safety factor and can prevent demolition of structures.

Our BIM (Building Information Modelling) product is at the heart of any construction project. Willing to make it accessible for everyone, everytime, everywhere, Strains develop Digital-Structure: a web-based collaborative platform that connect the BIM with structural simulations.

Ultimate structural capacity of construction is the essential question of any modern design codes. It is important to evaluate the ultimate resistance of existing structural steel details or 3D concrete connections with Digital-Structure 3D modelling tool and renewed methods.

Strains has been founded and is managed by engineers who have been working together in an engineering consultancy, developing in-house structural analysis software and participating in multiple complex projects. 



Luciano Tosini, Co-founder

Team Members: Xavier Cespedes (CEO); Mathieu Arquier (CTO); Luciano Tosini (Sales & Marketing); Mohammed-Khalil Ferradi (CSO); Agnès Fliscounakis (Product Manager); Ferdinand Bayard (VP Software Development); Rafal Starzyk (Front-end Developer); Grégoire Corre (PhD Mechanical engineering); Hughues Vincent (PhD Mechanical engineering).