Metering and power management for small renewable energy plants

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Germany

Solandeo provides owners of renewable energy plants (e.g. wind, PV, CHP) with affordable metering and power management technology. This enables them to trade their output on the German electricity exchange, helps them to fulfil new regulatory requirements (EEG2014/Direktvermarktung) and to optimise their returns. Furthermore, Solandeo’s solution helps energy traders to cost efficiently trade many small units of renewables, reducing fixed administration costs per unit. Traders and grid operators also benefit from a better forecast for future production of renewables to support better trading and grid management decisions.


Friedrich Rojahn
+49 151 157 80243

Team Members: Friedrich Rojahn (CEO), Jan Jacobs (COO), Nathanael Obermayer (CTO)