Harnessing the power of smart energy

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: The Netherlands

Prices on the hourly and quarterly electricity markets vary continuously. This volatility increases even further with the integration of more renewable energy.

As a result, the industry has the opportunity to increase profits by only using the cheapest blocks of power. The Senfal technology harnesses the value of flexibility in power consumption by automatically optimizing the production process in accordance to the power markets. For cold stores, water boards and other owners of flexible energy-intensive processes, Senfal ensures a safe and reliable operation by a deep integration of the safe operation limits in their software, while significantly reducing the electricity costs. This way, Senfal connects industry, grid operators and power markets in future electricity grids.


Hubert Spruijt



Team Members: Sander ten Kate (Marine Biology, MSc.), Steven Reiz (Computer Science, drs.), Hubert Spruijt (Energy Science, MSc.) and Derek de Rie (Bioinformatics, MSc., Computer Science, MSc.).