Inspire your employees to have a positive impact!

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: Switzerland

SEA-V provides an innovative solution to help companies successfully integrate environmental thinking into their core business decisions and daily actions.

They do so by positively involving each and every employee, thus facilitating the implementation of a sustainability strategy. The mobile platform of SEA-V keeps company actors aware of the ecological impact of their decisions, encouraging them to share successful practices, offering social rewards and motivations to take action.

SEA-V leverages the overall positive impact (‘handprint’) of the company, reduces costs, raises employee engagement and boosts the company’s reputation.

Using mobile, social, gamification and analytics technologies, actors across industry sectors are encouraged to harness their competitive spirit to enlarge their environmental handprint, and help build a market-changing human-centered driver to sustainability.

Team Members: Julien Boucher (Environmental Management, PhD); Dhyan Or (Information Technology Management)