Airline fuel efficiency

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2010

Location: France

Safety line offers OPTI CLIMB, a solution which reduces fuel consumption in airline transport thanks to Big Data.

This product is based on optimization algorithms resulting from research conducted jointly with INRIA, in order to optimize fuel consumption during the climb phase.

Fuel represents 30 to 40% of operational costs for airlines, a sector that goes through more restrictive environmental policies. Fuel saved via this solution goes from 0.2 t on a medium haul flight to 1 t on a long haul flight, which is an average global reduction of 2 to 5%.

The company started with the design of SAFETY CUBE, an information system dedicated to the management of operational risks already used by several major aviation names such as XL Airways, Air Mediterranée, ASECNA, Air Caraïbes… In the near future, Safety Line will also propose other innovative projects using Big Data in aeronautics that aim for example at reducing risk of accidents thanks to flight data or improve airport operations by using RADAR data.




Pierre Jouniaux


Marketing & Communications

Nora Serin



Team Members: Pierre Jouniaux (CEO) Eric Boucher (COO) Karim Tekkal (CTO)