Analyzing earth data

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: UK

Rezatec resolves global business problems caused by environmental change through the scientific analysis of satellite and ground data. Using its unique online platform, Rezatec processes large volumes of public and private domain Earth data applying environmental models and statistical analysis, to deliver commercial data products with minimised uncertainty.

Rezatec’s technology substantially reduces the costs of quantifying, monitoring and verifying land use change, environmental risk and asset values, for example, calculating global forest carbon stocks, monitoring deforestation and detecting tree and crop pathogens.

Team Members: Tim Vallings (Modern Languages, BA Hons, PDipPM); Philip Briscoe (European Business Studies, BA Hons, DipM); Patrick Newton (English Literature, BA Hons); Susmit Nayak (Engineering, BEng, MBA); Dr Stewart Ross (Physics BSc Hons, PhD); Todd Sajwaj (Ecology MSc, Geography MSc); Professor Mark Maslin (Physical Geography BSc Hons, PhD); Fraser Harper (Aeronautical Engineering, BSc Hons)