Empower plastic recycling through real-time analysis

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: The Netherlands


Polytential developed the Virtual Chemist. The Virtual Chemist is an analysis device for plastic recyclers and compounders who use plastic waste as input material. The Virtual Chemist provides plastic recyclers with accurate information about the chemical composition of the material.

Unlike manual and inaccurate testing methods used today, the Virtual Chemist works completely automatic in a one-step process. The analysis results can be used to optimize the performance of both production and separation processes involving plastic waste.


Jeroen Cevaal
Email: jeroen@polytential.eu    
Website: www.polytential.eu

Team Members: Jeroen Cevaal (Governing Markets, M.Sc.), István Deák (Management of Technology, M.Sc.), Yuri van Engelshoven (Environmental Engineering, M.Sc.)