Cogeneration based on wood biomass

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: France

Novotek offers to save on heating while producing electricity through a clean and cheap (wood biomass) cogeneration solution.

Cogeneration delivers the simultaneous production of heat and electricity. The heat produced is used to heat the home and hot water. The electricity produced can be partially or fully self-consumed or even sold to an energy supplier. Novotek solution consists of a generator of small size, suitable for both recent buildings (wood pellet boiler) and for renovation (for houses from 80 to over 400 m2). The start-up also offers a range of products for local authorities, small scale tertiary sector actors, and sustainable districts – up to 1 Mwe production.


Olivier Camp


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Team Members: Samuel MOUSSA (engineering thermodynamics and renewable energies); Hervé BAYRAT (industrial data and processes); Thierry CRETIN (business development); Olivier CAMP (finance and communications)