Nordic Power Converters

Small, low cost power supplies

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Nordic









Nordic Power Converters’ patent pending power conversion technology solves several problems in products like LED lighting and chargers.

The incumbent technology has not changed materially for many years. Our power converters enable strong benefits for our customers and the end-users:

  • 80% reduced size and weight
  • 50% reduced cost
  • Highly increased lifespan/reliability
  • 100 times faster transient response
  • Greener footprint in several aspects

While the company is a new university spin-out, the idea, the team behind it and the business relations has been developed for more than two years following a technological breakthrough in January 2012.


Team Members: Mickey Madsen (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. and soon Power Electronics, PhD); Regnar Paaske (Strategy, MBA and Commercial law, LL.M.); Thomas Andersen (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. and Power Electronics, PhD); Jakob Moenster (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc.); Jeppe Pedersen (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc and Power Electronics, PhD student); Lars Petersen (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. and Power Electronics, PhD)