Clean own electricity for everyone

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: Lufingen, Switzerland

Their products are small, cost-effective, hybrid power plants. The plants generate electricity with modern wind turbines and photovoltaic systems in combination with modern storage technology and eco backup generators when needed.

These power plants ensure their own power generation on the spot and guarantee a 24/7 supply when required. The design neither requires construction work nor a building permit and can be set up in a short time by two people without any specialist skills. It is a plug and play system or rather in this case a plug and power system.

Team Members: Frido Stutz (Aircraft Engineer, Airline Pilot, Entrepreneur); Georg Novak (Electrical Engineering, M.Sc.); Harald Müller (Industrial Engineering, M.Sc.); Peter Zwingli (Product development and business administration); Thomas Wicki (International Management B.Sc, MBA); Ennika Vork (Business Management, M.Sc.); Kim Leo Stutz (Modern Languages, A-Levels); Florian Paschka (International Management, B.Sc.)