A disruptive silver sinter paste

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Germany

Nano-Join has developed a disruptive patent-pending silver sinter paste.

The paste is highly sought after as in interconnection material in E-mobility and renewable energies. Developments in these areas will slow down, if no superior interconnection material than Pb/Sn-solder will be used in power electronic modules e.g. IGBT. 

Modules manufactured with our product exhibits improved physical properties, like heat management and conductivity compared to conventional Pb/Sn-solder. But, the established production environment stays untouched. In addition, we can extent the lifetime cycles of power modules used in E-cars or WTG by factor 10. This reduces costs and offers a quick access to new products. We reduce the amount of Pb/Sn-waste by 100%. 


Battist Rábay

Team Members: Battist Rábay, Founder; Adrian Stelzer, Founder