'The successor of the electric car'

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Lightyear was started by 5 Solar Team Eindhoven alumni and is now on a mission to create the successor of the electric car. While most people have access to electricity, the electric infrastructure is only powerfull enough in small parts of the western world to enable the adoption of electric cars.

Powered by the sun
The founding team of Lightyear are world champion solar car builders. After two world champions ships and a Techcrunch Crunchie with their solar powered family cars, Lightyear is now working on the next step, an electric car that works anywhere.

Lightyear’s aim is to provide a substitute for fossil fuels and reach a lightyear of 100% sustainable transportation before 2035.


Martijn Lammers

Team Members: Lex Hoefsloot - CEO (MSc Automotive technology), Arjo van der Ham - R&D (MSc Electrical Engineering), Koen van Ham - Design (MSc Industrial Design), Qurein Biewenga - Finance (MSc Electrical Engineering) and Martijn Lammers - Strategy (MSc Industrial Design)