GreenStar Statistics

Improvement of Driving Behaviour

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: the Netherlands

Organisations that drive company cars and (mini) vans are meeting higher road transport expenses than ever before. Those companies start looking at ways to save costs and implement innovative ‘pay-per-use’ cost structures. Also those companies have a growing awareness to reduce their CO2 footprint.

GreenStar Statistics enables organisations to easily achieve 5% to 20% savings on fuel and CO2 emissions. Our solution provides continuous feedback to drivers via real-time alerting, gamification and training, resulting in structural improvement of driving behavior. To analyse and improve driving behaviour, GreenStar Statistics provides a SmartStick (click & go installation) or connects to existing Board Computers like BCT’s in taxi vehicles.

Team Members: Martijn van Eenennaam (Computer Science, Dr. ir. (M.Sc.)) ; Irène van Hogendorp (Commercial Economics – International management, B.Comm.); Hans Schaap (Computer Science, Ir. (M.Sc.))