Smart Urban Mobility: E-Bike-Transportation System

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Switzerland

ElectricFeel develops a revolutionary software solution that connects E-Bikes, charging infrastructures and converts them into an intelligent transportation system that is easy to use and efficient to operate.

The solution includes the planning of the system network and lifecycle management. The customers are enterprises and cities that want to offer E-Bike-Services as a clean, fast and sweat-free form of mobility.

The system is easy to customise and adapt to different customer infrastructures and E-Bikes to allow customers around the world to make E-Biking the future form of urban mobility.

Team Members: Moritz Meenen (MSc.-Business & Engineering); Pratik Mukerji (MSc. Mechanical Engineering); Joël Gähwiler (BSc. Interaction Design)